Monday, July 8, 2013

Some Exciting News for Tara Sivec fans!

I'm so excited to show you guys this. Seriously. It's been killing me to keep this to myself for the past month. In about a week's time (I'll have a firm date tomorrow), this little beauty can be yours! I've been working with Amazon to create a special edition paperback of the entire Chocolate Lovers series. This book will have all 3 books in the series, as well as the short story, Hearts and Llamas. EEEEEEP! Isn't it beautiful?!!! I can't wait to have this in my grubby little hands. I've seen some mock-ups of the inside and it's just as awesome. Could you just DIE?!!! No? Maybe it's just me. I'm dying. DYING, I tell you! 

Also, there is another book in the works. I haven't decided if it will be part of the Chocolate Lovers series or a spin-off yet. But yes, there will be more. Gavin is all grown up and wants you to hear all about his new job (he's gone to the dark side into the 'family' business), love life, and the family that drives him nuts as they pester him to settle down and get married. The title is still up in the air right now, but I'm hoping to have this book finished in the next few months. If my brain doesn't explode before then. Talk amongst yourselves.

-Tara Sivec via FB

Tara Sivec FB page:

I have to be honest, I will be picking this up when it comes out!  I adore that cover too!


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