Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Beginnings (The Others of Edenton Prequel) Review!

If you read my review to In Too Deep, you know that I loved loved loved that book!  If you haven't yet read it you can see my review here:  Like my last review I should state that I got this ARC in exchange for a honest review.  

Now let me say, I loved this book actually a bit more!  I fell in love with the world that Brandy wrote about in the first book, and like I do with most sophomore attempts, I get a bit nervous for authors.  Because let's be honest, if you hit it out of the park with book one, you usually disappoint with book 2 and 3.  Look at all the recent series books that by book 3 we no longer care about.  If anything, I care more now about the characters than I did in the first one.

This book takes us through Jess' journey.  Jess is similar to Fallon (Heroine in the first book) in that she is strong and there is a no bullshit policy with her.  I think Jess is awesome!  Jess can see the future and like most who have this gift, she kind of treats it like a curse.  You can't touch her when you first meet her, she isn't big on telling people what she sees, and even her bestie has been known to shut her and her visions out when they don't tell her what she wants to hear.

Slater is so sexy.  He is the Alpha of the new pack that Jess joins and he gives her a new home when she makes the huge mistake of sleeping with an idiot who is kind of disgusting (because what girl hasn't?).  Turns out the disgusting idiot is her current Alpha...ooops....=)  Not only does Slater let her come move into his pack, he sells her the bar that has been just collecting dust.

These two meet and of course with Slater being a uber sexy Alpha and Jess just being uber sexy, things start to get hot and kind of tense.  Slater has been having disturbing dreams and Jess is seeing a lot of interesting and sometimes disturbing visions.  Needless to say, it is a pretty awesome joining of forces.  I won't go into too much detail (because that would take the fun out of reading the book!), but I will say that it is a story that keeps you engaged!

Just being in this world again was a blast!  And I have to be honest when I say this, it is so good I give it 5 lipsticks!  Seriously 5!

Brandy is a rock star! 



  1. Is there a blushing smiley? Seriously. Thank you. I'm so glad you love it. Hopefully I can pull you further into Edenton with the third, but I have some work to do ;)

    1. Glad you enjoyed my review Brandy! I posted on Smashwords, Goodreads and Amazon. I am anti B&N and


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