Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Freebies from Kindle & Nook!

Sometimes once is not enough. Being able to experience something over again with variety makes the spice of life even more exciting. Four Erotic Romance Short Stories, steamy sultry tales that ignite a warm passionate feeling within.
What's your favorite spice - Dangerous Reaction, Misbehaving, Naughty Nighttime, or City Lights? 
Dangerous Reaction
It took only one quick glimpse of the man to know; he had bad-boy written all over him. It was in the way his dark-brown eyes examined the room with authority and purpose, and then his eyes examined her. His thick muscular body that told her he was not a man strapped behind a desk job.
She walked in the room with her hair up in tendrils of long brown curls. Her silky white sheath of a dress showed her perky rose-colored nipples popping through the material. Her silver-strapped heels, and a fuck me now look were the confidence she needed. The only thing on under her dress was a scrap of white silk panties, already soaked with anticipation.
Naughty Nighttime
The night was young, and they had spent all day teasing each other with texts of a promise to be very naughty once they got each other alone tonight after work.
City Lights
The apartment high-rise rooftop party should have been a hit if it weren't for the grand opening of the new bar down the street. It is hard to compete against a popular band; women get in free and two for one drinks. However, Allie held hope that all her planning as the HOA party planner would still produce a great get together for the tenants, one in particular. Steve. His short blonde hair and light green eyes captivated her heart the first time she saw him as he was moving in two months ago. She had seen him in passing, coming home from the gym sweaty bulging muscles and a look of contentment on his face yet their conversations in the elevator were always general. Tonight she had hoped to spark a conversation that was so much more, possible have him fulfill her fantasies about him.
One fantasy, in particular, involved the very rooftop she was on right now decorating for the party.
Each sensual erotic story will captivate you with a story as it guides you into a stimulating fantasy.

Every single woman knows at least a few basic safety rules. First, don’t talk the strangers. Second, don’t invite strangers into your home. Sometimes, however, a lonely woman gets comfortable and after darkness falls, lets those rules slide. But with the darkness, if one believes in such things, might come creatures of the night. Throw an open door invitation into the mix, and anything can happen…

This short story is approximately 3900 words. Now includes bonus content from Hunger Aroused by Dee Carney

Elinor Prescott has come home at Oakleigh, the gracious antebellum mansion that was home to generations of her Southern family. But the beautiful old house is a near-ruin and she can't affor to restore it. Elinor hopes to find a buyer who will cherish the home as she does. But she has one rule--she won't sell to handsome, self-made millionaire Cole Whittier.

Cole has the locals upset over his plans to build a factory nearby and Elinor's leading the opposition. He's got a fight on his hands to convince the stubborn beauty of the merits of his plans--and of everything else he discovers he wants to offer her.

It's up to Cole to persuade Elinor to see things from his perspective. The sexy industrialist is convinced that Elinor is well worth winning over.

When the anxious and timid actress Chloe Everett turns up to audition for a minor movie role, it's just another nerve-wracking day. For the quiet and darkly handsome producer Daniel Grant however, it's an unspoken opportunity. Beset by the nerves that have plagued her since childhood, Chloe agrees to one more audition, alone with the billionaire movie magnate... 

This steamy 17,500 word novelette is the first installment of Ashley Spector's thrilling erotic romance series, The Girl Who Can't Say No. Intended for an adult audience, this enthralling tale follows a dark and secretive billionaire, who absolutely must have his own way; a timid and naive young actress, desperate to break out of her shell, and a deluge of juicy, domineering sex scenes! Pick up a copy today!


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