Friday, July 19, 2013

Dark Destiny (Dark Brothers #4) is Live!

You were with Willow and Jagger when they found their happily ever after in Dark Endings. You felt their love. You felt their relief, but what you didn't feel, was the pain they left tucked inside. 

Jagger killed his own father, he suffered on an island alone being forced to fight to save his life. Now, the memories are catching up on him. The reality is haunting him. He's becoming numb. He's struggling to move on. 

Willow has to do what she can to help her husband, no matter what the cost. She has to be the fighter now, she has to be the one to get him through, even if it's gritty, even if it hurts, because that's what love is. 

Come on this final journey between the two, and watch how they piece their lives back together for a final time.


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