Saturday, July 13, 2013

Author Focus: Jasinda Wilder

Jasinda Wilder is one of those authors you read about and stand in awe of.  She went from being someone who was financially strapped to being one of the best known authors in the country and probably around the world!  Her Big Girls Series is one of my favorites and I really need to start my reviews for her work.  She also wrote Wounded which everyone raves about (honestly it wasn't for me).  But it goes without saying that her work and her personality are amazing!  Every time I send a message on FB or even make a comment on her status, Jasinda always writes back and makes you feel special.  And with as busy as she is that is an incredible thing...

To get to know Jasinda a bit better you can visit her on her page:

Jasinda Wilder's Work:


Big Girls Do It
Do it Better, Do it Wetter, Do it Wilder, Do it On Top, Do it Married, Do it On Christmas, Do it Pregnant

Biker Billionaire
A  Wild Ride, The Mile High Club, Riding the Heir

Delilah's Diary
A Sexy Journey, La Vita Sexy, Sexy Surrender

Rock Stars
Do It Harder, Do It Dirty, Do It Forever

The Preacher's Son
Unbound, Unleashed, Unbroken

Stand Alones:  

Falling Into You, Falling Into Us, Wounded, Stripped (Coming out soon!)

So make sure you take the time to get to know the amazing Jasinda Wilder!


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