Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Nail Trends for 2013!

So the trend for spring was pale, nude, & manicured nails.  The trend seems to be continuing for summer!  It is really nice to see this trend come back, after all, it has been a few years since we saw it last.  Pale isn't necessarily nude or french manicured, which everyone cringes at this season, it is pale in color.  So if there is a pretty pale green or blue you are falling in love with, then by all means put it on and rock it!  

The real thing that women need to remember is, a manicured hand is a statement.  It states that you care about your appearance and it helps you be confident when you shake hands.  I know how I have felt like someone was judging me just by looking at my jacked up cuticles.  Doing a manicure at home is less expensive and you can watch a movie while you do it if money is an issue.

Better yet, invite some friends over and make it a mani & facial party!  It is a nice way to bond with the girls and get a killer manicure!  

Here are a few of my favorite pale colors this season!

Essie Fiji - an opaque creamy pale pink.

OPI Read My Palm - opaque light jade green.

Hope you enjoy the color choices and I can't wait to see the pretty fingers and toes running around this season!


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