Friday, June 7, 2013

Some Exciting New Things Coming For B3 Reviews!

So just a few things I wanted to say about what's being added to the site very soon.  Malia who is a personal stylist is going to be creating a fashion section with me as well as being a guest reviewer!  I am super excited because she is simply amazing and I want my followers to have a full beauty experience.  After all, isn't that a key part of any heroine in our beloved romance novels?

I am also hoping to get a few other guest reviewers in here to review books that I just normally don't read.  Ahem...Michele &

Also I am thinking of adding a Books to Movies section and a Music in Books section as well!  

Please tell me what you think!  I am open to suggestion and look forward to hearing from you all!



  1. Sounds great. I already love your page, just more to love ;)

    1. Brandy you are amazing. Thank you for stopping by and sharing! I can't wait to make the page even better and give you more to enjoy! =)



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