Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eye of the Beholder...

I absolutely love reading the work of people who have such imagination and dedication to their stories that they bring me into a world of new ideas and possibilities.  I love that I can take a vacation without having to break the bank.  I love that when I am upset or tired or stressed I can pop open my favorite book and get lost in my favorite world.

Don't get me wrong, I live very much in the real world and I thrive on actual human interaction.  But I do need that mental break from a not so great reality at times to focus on something more uplifting.  Even in the most dramatic of books you know it is going to have a conclusion.  Maybe not always a pleasant one, but a conclusion nonetheless.  

Which is why when I hear about an author getting a low rating I get upset.  Yes I have talked about this before and I have said that anyone who is going to give an author less than 3 stars should probably just stay silent.  Silence speaks volumes.  I have read plenty of novels that I did not enjoy and have not rated.  I feel that it is unfair to do so.

I especially feel that if you are going to be cruel during a review that it is best to remain silent.  Recently I read a review that was so heartbreakingly mean that I could barely contain my anger.  The book was about a woman who is full figured who falls in love with a good looking man.  He reciprocates this love and for that reason alone the reviewer crucified the novel and the author.

I was so shocked by this for a few reasons. One, her review had little to nothing to do with the story.  It was biased on the heroine's weight, not the love that was building in the novel.  Two, I was shocked by how many people agreed with her.  And three, I was the most shocked that when someone spoke out against her review she and others would attack them.  I use the word attack because that is exactly what it was.  A full fledged attack.  As women we should be building each other up and not tearing each other down.

I won't get into weight issues.  But I will say that every woman deserves to be loved and every woman is capable of love regardless of your personal feelings on weight.  I think it is really unhealthy to think that a man can only be with a woman if she is attractive in your eyes.  Some people look past the packaging and delve into the personality.  A person who makes me laugh and feel good about myself goes a lot farther in my heart than a six pack and biceps.

I don't expect others to like every book I do.  I don't expect others to listen to every word I say as if it is some sort of gospel.  I do however expect to be respected and know that I will always return that respect.  If you are going to do a review, please review the story.  Not project your own insecurities into your review. 

Rant over...



  1. Well said B. As a reader we often project our own experiences and feelings into a story. Its how we connect. The best thing about reading another person experience is seeing the world from a new prospective. Whether you like a book or not, does not give you license to be mean or disrespectful to other people. ♥ Lexi


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