Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How Do You Really Rate Someone Else's Art & Vision?

So as a reviewer and a aspiring writer, I look at a lot of review blogs and I have noticed a few things that are great and a few things that disturb me.

First I will tell you the things that have disturbed me.  The first being that some of the reviewers I read tend to focus just on characters and not on the story or journey the characters take.  Don't get me wrong, when I dislike a character it does play a part in my review.  But just a part.  I don't rate a book based on one character.  In fact if I don't care for a character I look for other more positive parts of a book to focus on.

I also see a lot of negative reviews that start with, "If I were writing" and so on.  If you want to be a writer and you think it is a easy job, just try it.  I can tell you with some certainty it is the hardest thing I have ever done.  You have to be focused and disciplined.  It is very difficult to harness all the thoughts and ideas you have for a novel.  So if you start a review with "If it were me" or "If I wrote this", then you are reviewing with the wrong intent.

Why are people even reviewing a book that is less than 2 stars (or in my case lipsticks)?  Do you think people are going to want to read how horrible you think the writing, author, novel, feel etc is?  Do you think it will help the author with their next book?  Honestly if I am the author, I would probably stop writing for a good long time.  It doesn't benefit anyone.  Send them a private message, discuss it privately.  But be classy and don't bad mouth someone else because you didn't like their work. 

Now I have seen great things in reviews lately as well.  People using their reviews to get the word out about authors who are up and coming.  Indie authors who might not have a fan base, now suddenly have a few people talking.  And that buzz can create a killer word of mouth.  I think this is why I hate seeing 1 star reviews, it can kill an author before they even get a chance to bloom.

I love seeing gifs and pictures and music in reviews.  I think it is a really awesome thing to see how different mediums come into play in reviews.  It helps people who are reading the review relate and feel what the reviewer felt.  That is exactly why we are here.  To help you feel and set a tone for a book.  Give you a glimpse into the novel without taking away the full experience.  

As reviewers our job is to create buzz!  It is why we are here.  I enjoy reading a story that gets me completely hooked.  And you will never see a review that is 1  to 2 lipsticks from me.  There is no point.  I want to create a element of excitement for the reader and give the authors something to look forward to.  Don't think I have given rave reviews to every book I have read.  If I said I was going to read it and review it and you haven't seen that review yet, that is usually not a good sign.

I love reviewing.  I love going into the different worlds that other people have created.  And I love being able to help you all feel excited about what you are about to read....


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