Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Like so many women out there in the world today I took the lessons of love from the people who raised me. Funny enough it wasn't my father, but my grandfather, or Poppy Dad as I call him, that raised me.  He was my everything as a little girl.  He was my hero, my confidant, my tea party guest, and yes he was even the man I measured all the boys I would eventually date by.

Poppy was always the strong and caring type.  He loved my Nana, although she made him nuts everyday of their marriage.  He was always the person you could run to after a broken heart or a skinned knee.  I truly believe had he not been in my life, I wouldn't have gotten married ever.  And although I haven't found an HEA, I at least know what one looks like when it comes along.

So for that, I have to say, Thank you Poppy Dad!  I love you!

Happy Father's Day to all the incredible Daddy's out there!  Remember that your sons will look up to you because you are their super hero.  And you daughters will look up to your because you are what they will measure all of the men that come into their lives by.


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