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Guest Reviewer Michele reviewing On The Plus Side!!!!!

Big girls need love, too, but at what cost? 

Lilly is loaded, not only with money, but with weight. Both things she could do without. But even with her undesired millionaire status, she doesn't hold on to false hopes of finding true love. So when a sexy stranger comes into her life dripping with seduction, she finds it hard to resist. The bigger they are the harder they fall and Lilly falls straight through the floor in love with Mr. Sexy. Too bad he’s there for all the wrong reasons. 

The chance of losing it all will make you do some crazy things and Devin’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep his life together. All seems lost when out of nowhere he’s approached by a Millionaire Momma with an offer he can’t refuse. But even a womanizer like Devin has a heart and when the short, chunky girl with the carefree attitude breaks through his icy facade  he finds that losing everything takes on a whole new meaning. 

***Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young adult readers.***

My dear friend Michele took some time to write out a really beautiful review about a book she had read.  I love that she did this and I love the review!  Please feel free to leave her a special comment and let her know your thoughts!  Again a huge huge thank you to Miss Michele for taking the time to stop by and review a book and share it on my blog!  Much love!

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***Michele's Review***

I know some people don't see Devin and Lilly as being realistic. That Devin is a hottie and Lilly is a size 20, and even though she's pretty, they aren't well matched. Here's my take.

I see their compatibility as realistic. The hero has never had any innocence- his mom left when he was 13. He helps keeps his dad's business afloat and raise his kid sister and the women he chooses, like Renee (his piece of ass) -are ones's he knows he won't commit to long term. He does mention that Renee is tall and lean, but he also hates all of the "fakeness" about her. Enter Lilly- yes she's plus sized, but he does feel immediate attraction to her in the jewelry store when they first meet. He likes her softness, her "realness" (yes, I'm making words up, but WTH, right?) he likes her smell. The smell of a person is a big part of attraction. When first meeting someone, you get the pheromone boost. I remember when my hubs and I first got together, I loved the way he smelled, even his breath first thing in the morning. But it was all pheromones talking. We've been together 22 years and I still like his smell, but it's not the same as that initial pull.

So Lilly of course, is pretty open about dating him. Why wouldn't she be? She's never had her heart broken, she's not bitter. Even on their date and phone conversations he's very surprised at how low maintenance she is. Her innocence makes him feel sexy. The way she blushes at him and is so open and fun.

Yes she's fat. But she's got a life. She works, though she doesn't have to. She has integrity and a kind spirit. Why wouldn't Devin find that refreshing? As far as him never having dated a fat chick before, I think it's a 'don't knock it 'til you try it' situation. 

Here's what I couldn't relate to as a plus sized girl- that Lilly constantly makes everything a reference to food. A threesome with Ben &Jerry or that Devin's voice was "creamy". And she's aware she's doing it. I may be plus sized, but I don't relate anything to food. She's a bit obsessed with food, but her parents set her up for that. Her dad left her and her mom was always saying she wasn't good enough. So if you feel you're never going to be good enough, what the hell? You mom shows you affection by buying you things and you show yourself affection by rewarding yourself with food. If this were a real life story, and if she and Devin went the distance, she'd lose weight. She'd be fulfilled. Her sexual side is a big gaping hole. Fill that up and it would change her. And we see that growth.

What's the most unrealistic for me is the plot device of the mother paying him to date her. But we've read that kind of thing before. Whatever. It didn't turn me off of the book. And even if their relationship was unrealistic, and I don't think it is. Fat girls fantasize too. Who doesn't? 

And she does talk/think about her weight a lot. This is hard for me to relate to too. I think she likes who she is, but she does feel hindered by her weight. But that changes once he finds her sexy.

I enjoyed the book.


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