Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For all the Fashionistas out there!

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I would be adding some additional sections to my blog.  Things that tie the beauty and book thing together a little more closely.  Things like a poetry section and a music section that parlays directly with the novels I have read.

But a common thing that people take for granted is how big fashion plays a role in novels.  How our characters are dressed and who is dressing, or rather undressing, them is a huge part of the story.  How many people remember exactly what color Ana Steel's graduation dress was?  Or what type of shoe Carrie Bradshaw favored.

It is a part of our culture to look the part as well.  In life, what you wear and how you carry it off, really shows who you are as a person or what kind of person you want others to see you as.  Fashion is vital in this world.  It's not only a statement about you but also a huge business.

Speaking of the business of making women look fantastic on a daily basis, I have reached out to a woman who is beyond amazing!  A personal stylist who happens to have the biggest heart and most fantastic eye for fashion!  Malia Anderson is a rockstar!  Her business Style By Malia is a successful and necessary part of a woman's life.  What she does is take a normal girl and transform them into a beautiful fashion statement, using style, grace and their own unique personality.

Stop by her amazing new website and browse around.  See what she is capable of, and be prepared to be amazed!  Malia should be every girl's one stop shop!  In the coming weeks there will posts made by myself and Ms. Malia that shows how fashion has impacted novels.  Stick around and watch the fun!

Make sure to stop by and visit Malia's site today!


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