Thursday, June 27, 2013

Author Focus: Kristen Ashley

One of the many great things when reading one of Kristen Ashley's books is that you get lost in a world that seems so real and the people seem so genuine, that you actually feel the love, loss and hope of every character.  I have often said that she is my favorite author.  I say this because I fall in love with her characters every single time I read one of her novels.  Her alpha males and strong female leads are always wonderful.  But it is the friendships, relationships, and yes, even the drama, that makes her stories far superior to many others.

To see more about Kit, you can go to her website at:

To truly appreciate the work she has done just look at how many series and stand alones she has done...

Series books

The Unfinished Hero Series
Knight, Creed, Raid

The Rock Chick Series
Rock Chick, RC Rescue, RC Redemption, RC Renegade, RC Revenge, RC Reckoning, RC Regret, & RC Revolution (Coming soon)

The Colorado Mountain Series
The Gamble, Sweet Dreams, Lady Luck, Breathe, & Jagged (Coming soon)

The Burg Series
For You, At Peace, Golden Trail, Games of the Heart

The Dream Man Series
Mystery Man, Wild Man, Law Man, Motorcycle Man

Fantasyland Series
Wildest Dreams,  The Golden Dynasty, Fantastical

Ghosts and Reincarnation 
Sommersgate House, Lacybourne Manor, Penmort Castle, Fairytale Come Alive, Lucky Stars

The Three Series
Until The Sun Falls From The Sky & With Everything I am

Own The Wind & Fire Inside

Stand Alones

Mathilda, SuperWitch

Three Wishes

Heaven and Hell

Play It Safe

You can find all of her great titles on Amazon and B&N.  Go check her out and find out why everyone raves when they read her work!

This was the book that started it all for me...Max is so damn sexy!

You can also see all of my reviews for her novels and castings by going to this link:



  1. My favourtie author by a mile. I love her.

    1. Mine too. Although I gotta say, since I started this blog, I am reading a lot of really great indie authors! =)

      But KA will always be my go to when it comes to getting out of a funk =)



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