Sunday, June 2, 2013

Does The Name Make It Better Or Just More Expensive?


When you look at the products above you see two different product lines.  The one on the left is Chanel & the one on the right is Cover Girl.  Can you see the difference?  

Yes there is the packaging.  Chanel (and many other prestige product lines) are geared towards a sophisticated older woman.  Cover Girl is geared towards youth and has the bright bold colors to emphasize the fun of the product.  Prestige lines have a lot of color variety but tend to still stay soft and conservative.  Keep in mind that is not true of every prestige line, think MAC and Smashbox.  The drug store brands are bolder and more aggressive in color.

But is there really a difference?  If you look at the ingredients there isn't.  Not really anyway.  They all use the same "Technology" for their products.  They all use the same ingredients and honestly if you look at the results, they are usually the exact same. They spin it very differently in marketing, which is exactly what they want to do.  After all how else would they stand out?

So what are you paying for?  Quite simply....the name.

You are paying to say you wear a designer.  You are paying for sophisticated packaging.  You are paying for marketing.  You are paying for prestige.

Is it worth it.  In my opinion, absolutely.  I use CG & Maybelline as well...but when I want to make a bold statement during a night on the town, I break out the Chanel, MAC, Dior, Lancome & Smashbox.

The real question is how important is that name to you?


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