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Awesome fun with Chantal Fernando & Dawn Martens, the authors of Chase!

Interview with Chantal Fernando & Dawn Martens

First off please allow me to say congratulations and bravo on the new book Chase (Resisting Love)!  I did a recent review of the arc and I have to say ladies it is a wonderful debut novel!  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read and review it, and the opportunity of interviewing you!

Dawn – Thank you so much, means a lot to us that you loved it!

Chantal- Thank you! Everyone has been so lovely and we are both so grateful J

        When I read Chase, I was immediately struck by how much I really love Layla and Chase as people.          Both were flawed but in such great ways that you could tell they were normal human beings.  Who or what influenced you to create them the way you did?

Dawn – I’ll let Chantal take over, She created those two characters!

Chantal – I put a lot of myself into Layla, her reactions to things are how I would react. Chase is just a figment of my imagination. I just started writing and Chase would do what he wanted to do.

        Being new to writing and getting your novel published and out to the masses must be a daunting task, was there anything unexpected that came across the table, so to speak, that surprised you?

Dawn –  Nothing really for me. Formatting was a bitch. I didn't think it would be so hard. Thank god for amazing friends then did it for us.

Chantal – Formatting- I have no idea how to do any of that stuff. Editing was daunting; we read it so many times that we would just pass over obvious mistakes. We had a lot of awesome people help us out in the end.

      The cover art is divine.  It is probably one of the best covers I have seen this year, is there a story behind it?

Dawn – I don’t have a story behind it. I found it while searching stock photos, sent them to Chantal, and then we sent them to Ari at Cover it Designs.  I just fell in love with it.

Chantal – Dawn and I loved that couple. Ari did a few different designs and that one was my favorite. Ari is super talented and patient with us.

      When reading about Kade, I realized I have dated men JUST like him!  And instantly I was drawn to him because of that.  Luckily I learned quickly to stop dating the Kades in the world.  Have either of you dated a Kade, James or Chase in the past?

Dawn – I have to say, I dated guys similar to them. But Kade, Chase and James, wouldn't treat me, in the end, like the asshole I first dated. He was my first. Dated a year, finally gave in to his sex demands. The very next day, I found out it was all a bet. Sucks to be me huh? He dumped me that next day too. Apparently even had a girlfriend, she was in on the whole thing. She has a nice visit from my fist too. ;)  My husband though is nothing like the guys in the book. He’s soft, loveable, I’m more of the alpha type ha.

Chantal – I have only dated one man, my husband. He isn't like any of the guys, although he does like to joke around. For me men like Chase are wonderful on paper but would drive me insane in real life. LOL.

      When I was reading it occurred to me that the brothers are all very attached to Layla.  So much so that when her and Chase hook up, Kade and James become even more protective.  Was there a reason for that?

Dawn – The boys at this point, come to love Layla, as a sister. They want what’s best for her, and to protect her.

Chantal – Layla is lovable. She is a good honest woman, and the boys aren't really used to those types of girls. They take a liking to her instantly. Also she is living with them, cooking for them etc. She takes care of them and they do the same for her in return.

      So some questions not related to Chase…=)  I notice you both tend to love authors like Kristen Ashley and Madeline Sheehan, both girls are almost polar opposites.  Is there one author you set above the rest?

Dawn – Kristen Ashley is hands down my number one. Everything she writes, is epic. No one can write an alpha male like her. Madeline is epic also, I have a love/hate relationship with her books ;)

Chantal – Kristen Ashley <3 p="">
       Other than writing what art form interests you?  Do you sing, play instruments, love music or movies?

Dawn – When I was younger, I did everything, Cheerleading, dance, I sang in competitions, choir, etc. Now I don’t have much time for anything. It’s all about my kids, hubby, reading and writing now.

Chantal – I used to dance back in the day, and I still love to go clubbing and let loose. I do sing at karaoke, ha! And that was the truth about people in my family being very talented in the singing/music field. I am only alright though, lol. I read.. A LOT. I don’t watch many movies anymore. If I’m not writing or reading I’m with my family. I’m very family orientated. I have three boys that keep me very busy.

      Dawn I read somewhere, I want to say it is your FB page, that you have no filter and say exactly what you are thinking.  I too tend to suffer from this ailment (as my mom put it).  What is the one thing you wish you didn’t say in a moment of blatant honesty?

Dawn – HA, you’re funny. I have no regrets! I think the only time I've ever regretted anything I've said is when I've offended someone, I said something out of anger,etc. My mouth works faster than my brain in those moments. Anything else I say. Oh well. People don’t like it, they don’t need to be on my page. Fuck em, is what I say.  I’m the same way in real life. My husband thinks I’m a nut. Ha. My mom loves it. And some of the things I say has my dad blush like a mad man! (like the time I tried to give my mom blow job tips, dad went all red and took off ha) LOL

      Chantal you and I also have something in common.  I too am a skin therapist and makeup artist here in the states.  What made you want to go into this field?  It is a special woman who takes on the art of making others their most beautiful selves.  What is your favorite current must have beauty product?

Chantal – I love beauty. I’m obsessed with makeup and cosmetics, and making women feel and look their best. What made me go into the field was that I was already doing everyone’s makeup at home-friends and family. I wanted to broaden my field and get a qualification so I could work full time as a therapist. My current must have beauty product is The Balms Nude Tude palette. You can seriously get any look from this one palette, evening, day, natural. I’m obsessed with it. Oh and anything Urban Decay ;) I’m also a teacher’s assistant, a post natal doula, have a certificate in business and a diploma in child birth education. LOL J

       Ladies thank you again for taking the time to do this interview!  I am truly honored.  One last question….what’s next for you two?  Another book in the works?

Dawn – Currently we are deep into Kade now! Nikki is more “me”. So you’ll see some fun shit there ;)

Chantal -  Kade! Then  Ryder. Finally James will get a book.

You are both amazing and I loved reading your novel!  Thank you so much.

Dawn – Thanks for having us, It’s been wicked!

Chantal- Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this interview! Thanks so much for being on the tour and sharing your sunshine! <3

    1. Thank you! I loved doing the interview and reading the was amazing! I can't wait for Kade! Dawn and Chantal were wonderful fun and I hope I get to work with them again soon!


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