Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Keeping (Law of the Lycans #2) Review

Ryne Taylor was a sexy bad-ass Alpha set on establishing a new pack. Melody Greene was a journalism student researching his work as a photographer or so she said. But could Mel really be trusted or had she stumbled upon his secret? And if she knew, could Ryne save himself and the pack he d left behind without enacting a deadly ancient law known as The Keeping? Sequel to The Mating.

So this is the sequel to The Mating.  You can see my review of it here:  http://bbeautyandbooks.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-mating-law-of-lycans-review.html

In the Mating we meet Kane and his mate Elise and we see them find each other and fall in love.  There is a lot going on in that story so I will let you read the review to catch up.  In The Keeping we get to know Ryne, the brother of Kane, and we see him take on Melody, a really tenacious journalism student who was hired to find the man who took the amazing picture of Kane.  There is a lot of reasons to keep this story from Melody, and we see Ryne try.

Melody is a great girl.  Her character is instantly likable and you want her to find her way to Ryne and become his.  Of course things twist and turn in her world and you see the way Ryne sort of stonewalls her at every turn.  He makes a deal with her, she can ask anything she wants.  But of course his answers are vague.

Ryne is super sexy.  The outdoorsy, sexy, untamed kind of sexy.  He has started his own pack in Canada and is trying to live a  quiet life of peace and tranquility.  But that picture he took of his brother has come back to haunt him, that picture could cost him his new found home, his peace of mind, his pack, and even Kane's pack.

The Keeping is a tradition that the Wolf community has that is basically a suicide pact should anyone discover where and who they are.  In this novel, we see a lot of worry and preparation for The Keeping ritual.  It actually breaks your heart to know that if they are discovered, they will have to kill themselves.  Kane is expecting his first pup with Elise so this makes your heart hurt more.

Ryne is able to push back on Melody, but it turns out her employer has a really really interesting reason as to why he wants to know about the picture....and at the end of the novel, you find out that it is pretty surprising!

I heard a lot of criticism about how these books are not action packed enough, or not erotic enough.  They are actually incredibly well written and engaging in my personal opinion.  Also for a free read (you can get all three books and their prequel for free on Amazon, I will post the link below) it is worth reading.

I give it 3.5 lipsticks!


Amazon links: 

The Mating  http://www.amazon.com/The-Mating-Law-Lycans-ebook/dp/B00BTIDW4S/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1367944880&sr=8-6&keywords=nicky+charles

The Keeping  http://www.amazon.com/The-Keeping-Sequel-Mating-ebook/dp/B00BTIDXVU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367944880&sr=8-1&keywords=nicky+charles

The Finding  http://www.amazon.com/The-Finding-Law-Lycans-ebook/dp/B00BTIDOO6/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1367944880&sr=8-5&keywords=nicky+charles

You can also get The Bonded, which is the prequel to The Mating & Betrayed the Days of the Rogue, which is the prequel to The Bonded is also free.

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