Thursday, May 23, 2013

So what the hell is an Esthetician anyway?

So I get the same question all the time.  What the hell is an Esthetician?  Well that's easy and difficult to explain.

I work in the United States, where usually the programs range from 200 hours (in places like Florida) to 1500 hours (in places like Georgia).  The programs generally teach the basics.  Depending on your state's laws it can cover quite a bit, or very little.

The basic programs are broken down into facials, body treatments like body scrubs and detox wraps, full body waxing (yes that includes Brazilians), makeup application, and some advanced treatments like microdermabrasion (machine exfoliation), & chemical peels (chemical exfoliation).

We are taught about the skin and how it functions.  We learn diseases and disorders and we learn how diet and exercise affect the skin.  We also learn how lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking affect the skin.  We go through tests both theory and practical and when all of that is said and done we get a license.

Now I also became an instructor so I went and taught the program as I just laid it out for you.  And as I have been in the business I have learned to use lasers for hair removal and photofacials.  I have learned how to do eyelash extensions and camouflage makeup for post surgical procedures. I have also performed botox injections and injectables in general   I basically have learned so much that I can do now to extend and make me more valuable in my field.

Now if you were to learn these things in another country, for instance Italy, you need to go through the same process a Dermatologist in the US has to go through.  Medical training and you basically become a doctor.  Of course this is why other countries are so far ahead of us in terms of beauty treatments and advancements.

So this gives you an idea of what I do.  And what I love.  Now I want to learn how to Vagazzle!!!!


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