Saturday, May 25, 2013

Safe Word by Teresa Mummert is Live on Amazon!

A chance meeting with a stranger can turn your entire world upside down. 
When Colton 'Colt' Bishop enters a bar in New York City, he has a plan. His job is to find an easy target and take her back to his place for a few days. He is working his way up the crime ladder doing a job he never wanted. 
Lily Hilton has it all, but is hiding from a troublesome past. When she enters a bar downtown, and runs into her old high school crush, her entire world is turned upside down. She is determined to make him notice her, but that plan may work better than she expects. Colton does not hesitate to take Lily home and use her as his new pawn, but their past begins to catch up with them as their secrets unravel and he must decide what is more important to him, protecting Lily or himself.
"Answer the f**king question!" I took a deep breath, struggling not to lose control completely.
"I knew you didn't do it."
"You don't f**king know me, Rose. Does this look innocent to you? Huh?" I pointed to the spare bedroom with the lock dangling from its metal closure.
"I'm Lily now," she whispered as she wrapped her arms around herself. I leaned in closer, knowing she was terrified.
"You're whoever the f**k I want you to be. For the next two weeks I f**king own you and, if you're lucky, you may still be alive when all of this is over." She had awakened an animal inside of me, and as I spat my hatred at her I could still taste her on my tongue. I hated myself for giving in to her. Tears welled in her eyes and her chin quivered as she struggled to keep from breaking down. I cupped her cheek, running the pad of my finger over her silky skin. "Don't cry, Rose. Things are just about to get fun." I placed a gentle kiss over her lower lip and ran my thumb over it, soothing her. "Can you taste that, Rose?" All traces of anger had left my voice, but something had snapped inside of me. "I can still taste your sweetness, still smell you all over me." I leaned down and ran my nose up the curve of her neck, inhaling. I grabbed her wrist as my mouth reached her ear.
"Look what you're doing to me, Rose." I placed her hand on my jeans so she could feel how stiff my c**k was from just thinking about her. She tried to pull back but I tightened my grip and held her against me. "Do you still think I'm the good guy?"
Warning: This novel is intended for readers 18 yrs. & older

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This is on my schedule to be read and reviewed...but I am hearing great things!


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