Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ruby Red Lips....

The biggest trend of the season is the return of the beautiful red lip.  A lot of runway shows from Oscar de la Renta to Versace used the bold lip this season for fashion week.  It is one of the most sultry, sexy, and daring looks of all time.

So the question I get a lot is...

How do I choose the right red for me?  

It has a lot to do with the undertone of your skin, the color of your teeth, and your personal sense of style.  

Let's start with your skin undertone.  Do you tend to run more pink?  Are you ruddy in any way?  If you answer yes to either of these questions, then red might not be the best color choice for you.  Perhaps going more bronze or nude is a better choice.  Red will only enhance the pink tones in your skin.  Not a good combination.

Second, are your teeth white or yellowish?  If they are white white then you can pretty much get away with any color red you like, and that compliments your skin tone.  But if they have a yellowish tint to them, you will want to stay away from any of your orange based reds.  It will only enhance the yellow in your teeth.  And the whole point of a red lip is to draw attention to your mouth.

The third thing is, what is your personal style?  Are you bold?  Are you more timid?  Is this an experiment?  All those things play into which red to go with.  If you tend to be timid or you are trying this first time, it may be best to start with a soft subtle red.  I will post links to some great starters later.  If you are bold, then go bold!  Give that fire engine red a shot!  Go big or go home as they say!!!!
The greatest thing about wearing the red lip is, it pretty much goes with everything you wear!  You can dress it up or tone it down!  Here are some of my favorite hot sexy reds!

Don't forget to line the lips and color them in, and make sure to exfoliate the lips before you use a red.  Nothing worse than that horrible lip line crud...


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