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Rock Chick Revenge Review

Ava hates men, she has reason and she’s vowed not only never to get involved with another one again but also to exact vengeance on her best friend’s, lying, cheating husband. Since Luke, Ava’s childhood crush, is now a private investigator, she thinks to enlist him but changes her mind at the last second.

Too late, Luke knows she’s up to something and he’s already seen many a Rock Chick try to fight her own battles without the Hot Bunch stepping in. He’s having none of it. She’s having none of him. The clash of the Rock Chick and Hot Guy begins but Luke’s got the advantage. He has handcuffs and he’s not afraid to use them.

Of all the Rock Chick men, Luke is the one I like the least.  That is probably going to get my lynched, but really it's true.  He is the one who can't seem to make a commitment to one girl.  First he went for Roxie, while she was establishing something with Hank.  Then he went for Jules, while she was starting something with Vance.  Really Luke?  Just pick one already.  Sheesh.

Ava is a family friend from Luke's childhood and has always had a soft spot in her heart for him.  Ava is a bit insecure, ok who am I kidding, this girl is completely insecure.  She is beautiful but never really sees it.  And although I think her reasons for being like this are valid, it does become rather irritating.  Like Luke, Ava can be a bit fickle with men.  She uses Ren Zano (we will hear about him in a later book too) to get back at Luke quite often in the beginning and middle of this novel.  I didn't quite understand where she was coming from by going out with Zano while she was trying to establish something with Luke.

Luke is a good guy, even if he is a bit fickle about women.  He has a really good heart, and he is a great confidence booster to Ava, who is in desperate need of one.  I understand why he holds back from her a bit, he feels betrayed that she left without saying a word to him years ago.  During a time when he needed her the most.  And honestly, her reason for it is crap.  Luke is here to pick up the pieces of Ava's life, and to help her move forward.  But she fights him on every single step.

The assault on Ava upset me a bit as well.  Of course the assault was upsetting in and of itself, but her reaction to it is what bothered me most.  She was almost nonchalant about the whole thing, and I get why, but then instead of telling Luke everything, she lets it slip out in pieces.  It just seemed rather unfair, again.  But when these two finally get their act together, it becomes magic.  We see a difficult Ava become soft and loving towards Luke.  We see a womanizing Luke become a loving a gentle man towards Ava.

There were parts of this book I LOVED.  And parts that irritated me to no end.  Not my favorite of the RC Series, but definitely a good read.

I give it 3.5 lipsticks!

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