Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rambling Thoughts...

So today I was working (as a Makeup Artist I work a lot on the weekends) and a client asked me a question that kind of threw me.  Do I prefer to work on naturally pretty faces or do I prefer to work my magic and make someone pretty.

I guess at first my reaction had to do with the fact that I find beauty in every face.  That sounds ridiculously cliche I know, but it is true.  Granted there are faces that are easier to map out so to speak, but none are truly ugly.  It doesn't matter what I have to help cover up, there is at least one feature on everyone's face that makes them beautiful.

Some have pretty eyes, some have full lips, some have killer cheekbones.  Sometimes it is just the overall look.  Regardless I can work on every type.  If a MA has any talent at all, they know they can work with whatever is sitting in front of them.

The second reaction I had was that I felt bad that this is something someone felt they had to ask.  As if being in a makeup chair is somehow going to make you perfect.  Makeup is meant to enhance your features.  Not hide them.  Sure we, as women, tend to use makeup as armor.  But it is not meant to change who you are.  It is meant to showcase your beauty.  

So please understand that every woman & man (yes I work on men quite a bit!) has something about them that makes them beautiful.  And I am honored when you sit in my chair and allow me the privilege of working with you to enhance that beauty.


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