Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Physical Books vs E-Readers

The debate between whether or not you prefer traditional books vs E-Readers is all the rage right now.  Here is my take on it.  There are a few factors I take into consideration. 

First you need to know that I love both.  I will tell you why, but if you were to walk into my house right now, it looks like an effing library.  Albeit a smutty kick ass library, but a library nonetheless.  I have books on almost every flat surface and I have wall size bookshelves.  Yes it's excessive, no I don't care.

The reason I love traditional books is, there are a lot of titles that aren't out in E-Reader form.  They are old books, and for whatever reason no longer are published or formatted for my kindle.  I also love the smell and feel of them.  It's aesthetically pleasing to me.  Always has been.  When I smell an actual book I feel like I am transported back to my younger years and that is always a huge plus for me.

With traditional books you also get the opportunity for them to be autographed and that is always great as a collector's item.

Now here is why I love the kindle.  I love love love the anonymity of what you are reading.  I remember reading The Story of O and having people look at me like I was some kind of pervert.  I hated that feeling.  Now I can be reading anything and no one is the wiser!  

I also love that I can have 500 books and not have to store them.  It's a space saver for sure!  But it is also better for our environment (yes I am actually using the save the trees argument on this one!).  We should care about how much waste we are using. Not saying E-Readers don't make waste, but they don't kill rain forests for trees.  Just saying.

I like how you can order a digital copy online and within moments you are reading it.  You don't have to wait for shipping.  And although there is a lot of debate over the pricing of digital novels (if you ask me, anything over 7.99 is ridiculous), there is a convenience to it that I appreciate.

I don't want to choose between them. I like them both.  But we are moving forward into the advanced digital age, and eventually everyone will have to move with the times.



  1. I'm with you B..I have both but, I do love that I can take my 1200+ books with me wherever I go and no one can tell if I'm reading smut or a cookbook!


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