Friday, May 17, 2013

We all have opinions....

It goes without saying that in a society that is more connected than ever we are more open to share thoughts and ideas over the internet.  We are no longer different people in different countries, we are united and able to communicate with one another.  Look at what I do here, I share my thoughts with others via a blog that really for the most part, is just a tiny blip in the world.  But everyday I am surprised to see that people still come to see what I have to say and what I have posted.

Language, heritage, background no longer matter.  What you have to say, should you be brave enough to share it, is taken at face value.  There is no longer a need to worry about age, looks, racial differences.  Because online, you can be anyone.  You can be anywhere and you can be anything.  But is this really a good thing?  Should who you really reflect why you feel as certain way to a certain product?

I review books, products, and from time to time I share my thoughts through my blog.  My opinions may or may not effect how you feel about a book, a lipstick, or even a company like Abercrombie & Fitch.  But what does my opinion really tell you?  Does it tell you not to read a certain book?  Does it encourage you to take a chance on a lipstick you weren't sure would look right on you?  Does my rant about the CEO of A&F change your outlook on that company?  Do I really hold any power of persuasion at all?

Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, & B&N as well as countless other sites allow you the opportunity to share your thoughts on products, be it a book or a flat screen tv.  You have the power to enhance someone's  outlook or destroy it.  How many times have you wanted to read a book, been looking forward to it for months, and after reading one bad review you decide not to pick it up after all?

With all the early reviews to novels, we get a chance to decide before we spend the money if it is worth it.  All based off of what someone else thinks.  But really how reliable is that review?  Were they paid for it?  Was there another incentive?  Do they have a bias towards a particular author one way or the other?  There really are so many different factors in reviews that need to be accounted for.

Was a book reviewed badly because the reviewer doesn't normally read that particular genre?  Or was it given a raving review because he or she is a true fan of anything a certain author puts out?  How do you know that the person doing the review shares your interests in genres?

Before you give up on a book or a product, try it.  I have found some of the most amazing things by ignoring the people who have hated on it.  I often, for spite, try things others hate just to see if I can love it and rave about it.  Reviews are wonderful.  I love reading them and I love giving them.  But I don't base my choices solely on them.  If you love a particular author and he or she has been dragged through the mud in reviews, don't give up on them.  Chances are, they weren't writing for critics, they were writing for fans.  Like you.


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  1. Well said B. I just read reviews from the Bomb Bitches because they read what I like. Some of them rave about a book and some of them dont. The world wouldnt be an interesting place if we all liked the same thing. :) X


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