Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cover reveal of Kade!!!!

We continue the story with Nikki and Chase's brother Kade!  Expected sometime this fall!  I will keep you posted!

Excerpt posted by Chantal & Dawn on FB...

Unedited and could change upon release! ;) 

My mother is over; she dropped by to bring a few things I needed. 
“How are you doing sweetie? You hardly drop by anymore,” she pouts. She looks adorable sitting on my bed wearing a knee length skirt and a white blazer jacket. She stopped by on her way to the office. 
“I know Mom, I have work and everything. I’ll try come by this weekend though; we can all go out to dinner, okay?” I offer. I do miss my folks. 
My mother nods, satisfied. I am her only kid; she must be bored without me in the house. Who knows what they are getting up to alone there? Okay, ew. I cannot believe my mind just went there. I shudder. 
She stands up and brushes imaginary lint off her jacket. “I better get to work sweetie, I’ll see you this weekend. And call me if you need anything. Money, or anything alright,” she offers kindly. “Also you have to bring Kade over again, I need some eye candy to look at besides your father. You two still going strong?” 
“Okay, and yes, still great.” I tell her giving her a quick peck on the cheek. I’m about to walk her into the door when I hear Kade call out, “Nikki I need some attention!” I glance over at Mom and give her a grin. 
Suddenly the door barges open and a very naked, very erect Kade is standing there. Oh, fuck. He needs attention indeed. I cover my eyes hoping the scene will disappear. 
“Oh sorry Mrs Heath! Nikki come see me in my room when you’re ready.” And with that, no joke, he walks out, not a care in the world. I bang my head on the wall. I glance over at my mother who is wide eyed, her mouth open in a gasp.
“Well, Nikki. His dick certainly does match the rest of him. He’s big! You did well for yourself,” she splutters out, actually fanning herself with her hand. "You better go take care of him!” She winks as she walks out.
Kill me.

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And June 5th I have a kickass interview with Dawn & Chantal!  I cannot wait for you to get some insight into these two awesome ladies!


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