Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cliffhangers and Series books Oh My!

When it comes to reading lately there seems to be a trend.  Cliffhangers and series novels.  Now first you need to understand that I LOVE series novels.  I am that girl who wants to know what happened after the couple I am reading about have their happily ever afters.  I think this is why I am such a huge fan of authors like Kristen Ashley, who turns several books into worlds that I love revisiting.

But at the same time I feel like maybe this series writing has gotten out of control.  The reason I loved the book Blind Obsession by Ella Frank was, even though the story wasn't an HEA, it was completed at the end.  There was no need to continue on.  And that made it precious to me.

Now I see trilogies everywhere, which I blame (with love) on EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.  It seems like authors cannot seem to find what they need to say in one book.  I love series books, but as a book reviewer and blogger it makes doing my reviews seem redundant in a way.  I love the world they set up, I love the continuation of the story, I love to see how it all comes to a head and ends up.

However, I really don't like cliffhangers.  Which also seem to be all the rage.  I would say that out of the last 50 books I have read, almost half have been cliffhangers.  Here is my biggest bitch about it, a lot of times books are 6 months to a year out.  So now I have to reread a story that was great usually, then get pissed off all over again about the cliffhanger just so I can read the second book which also ends in a cliffhanger and repeat the process in another 6 months to a year when the third and final installment shows up.  It's infuriating.  Seriously.

Ok that is enough of my opinion...what do you all think?  Am I just being too tough on authors or is there merit in wanting more standalone novels?


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