Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beauty is only skin deep....

So I wanted to wait to talk about this issue of Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO Mike Jeffries' comments about not wanting to sell to bigger clients until I had calmed down and I wasn't so angry about it.  Turns out, that may never happen.  Who are you Mr. Jeffries, to say that being a size larger than size zero is unattractive?  You should be ashamed.

I think it goes without saying that Mr. Jeffries comments are ignorant and disturbing.  This is a man who runs a clothing company that sells their clothes to a young, hip and apparently thin group of kids.  Yes, kids.  Have you ever stepped foot into an Abercrombie store?  Hell have you ever walked by one?  It's a tiki hut dance club.  Seriously.  It's almost deafening.  I think I am now classified as

Their ads are meant to make younger buyers feel sexy.  The ads almost always feature girls and guys that are nearly naked.  The staff actually is barely dressed themselves.  I have a few former students who worked there while going to school who have said it is mandatory for them to wear itty bitty skirts and flip flops even in the winter.  I live in Chicago people, not the warmest of climates in January.

I think the problem I have the most with what Mr. Jeffries had to say was, we have a generation of young women and men who seem to be heavily influenced by what others think or what is advertised as being acceptable in terms of weight.  Young girls who starve themselves and if they can't achieve the ideal weight, will find other ways to hurt themselves.  Cutting has increased in the last decade because of low self esteem.

Yet as a society we embrace the thin and frail look.  Look at the models who grace the cover of magazines.  We see a woman with curves like Jennifer Lawrence and we call her fat.  Never mind that she is anything but.  We look at women like Kiera Knightly and think she is perfection, when really she is in desperate need of a cheeseburger.

Don't get me wrong. I  think women are beautiful at any size.  Some can't help being super thin, and some can't help being larger.  I don't find obesity attractive, I think healthy is.  Healthy is whatever your body functions best at.  If that means you are a size 2, great.  If that means you are a size 18, great.  It's what you are comfortable with.

I don't give a shit what Mr. Jeffries has to say about the matter.  But if you would like to read the article I will link it below.  It is a sad culture we live in these days.  When is it going to be enough to just be yourself without all the pressure of everyone else projecting their bullshit on you?  This is just my opinion of course.,0,2527247.story


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