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Undeniable (The Dalton Gang Series #1) Review


There was a time when Crow Hill, Texas’s notorious Dalton Gang ran wild. Now, as owners of the Dalton Ranch, their partnership in the rundown operation leaves little time for raising hell—except for the right women who can turn on the heat…

It’s been sixteen years since Dax Campbell set foot in Crow Hill—and sixteen years since Arwen Poole had a crush on him in high school. Unfortunately, setting her sights on this irresistible man again has stirred up a lot of unfulfilled desires in Arwen. A few nights in bed with Dax should get him out of her system once and for all. That’s all she wants. And for now, that’s all she needs.

But Dax is looking for something deeper in a woman. So they agree to an unconventional affair: for every no-strings sexual encounter Arwen craves, Dax gets to take her out for a night of romance. While both manage to hold up their end of the bargain, they’re growing closer than either of them can afford. Because Dax has a family secret that could drive him out of Crow Hill for good, and Arwen’s not letting him go without a fight…

A few things you have to realize right off the bat is that I came off of a series that was making me crazy.  So this was a pleasant surprise all around.  Kent knows how to make a strong female character without remorse, and yet a lady who is completely woman.  I adored Arwen!
So starting this book took me a bit of time.  Wasn't sure how I felt after reading the synopsis and seeing the cover art (which for the record I think is horribly cheesy).  But the term “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” totally applies here.  After the first chapter I was HOOKED!
Arwen is strong, independent, sexy, successful, and a girly girl.  All you have to see is how she carries herself and how she goes after what she wants.  To the point of being unforgiving about it.  Kent shows that being a woman in a erotica novel is not always about bending to another’s will.  Sometimes it is about knowing who you are and knowing what you want.  She does this beautifully.
Dax is essentially flawed to his core.  He uses his past as an excuse to run from his life.  Only having to come back to try to save a ranch that was inherited.  He and his two best friends are struggling.  And doing it in incredibly difficult to read, fashion.  My heart actually goes out to these boys as they try to make a go of a ranch, that for all intent purposes, is dead.
Arwen and Dax have not such great fathers in their lives.  To see how each responds to that fact is kind of interesting.  Arwen holds a place of love, if not a little resentment, towards her father.  Whereas, Dax just really despises his.  To read how Arwen turned it into a positive was really kinda cool.  And to see Dax finally face his demon was also really kinda cool.
You get to see other characters in this novel too that you start to really care about.  Darcy (Dax’s little sister) and Josh start a relationship that can only be described as perfect.  Faith and one of the Dalton Gang (the nickname that was given to the three best friends that inherited the ranch), Casper are headed somewhere (it’s in the next installment Unbreakable), and Boone (Faith’s brother, and last of the Dalton Gang) will probably have the third book.  All these characters are great support for the main story….
I learned a lot about what family really is.  And having the life I have led personally, it drove home that family is not always about blood.  It’s about love, respect, and those you can’t live without.
This is a must read…

I give this 5 lipsticks!  I cannot wait to read the rest of this series!

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