Saturday, April 20, 2013

To all my Sun Goddesses....

In the early 1900's it was unheard of for women to have tanned skin.  It was seen as lower class because wealthy women were sheltered by their parasols or were indoors entertaining.  Around the 1950's we see a shift in tanned skin.  The bikini is made and we see younger women enjoying the beach and the sun much more.  Around the mid 60's it becomes all the rage to have tanned skin.  The darker the better!

The problem, however, is that tanned skin makes us vulnerable to cancer.  Yep the big C word.  95% of all the damage done to the skin in a person's lifetime is done by the time they are 18.  If you think about that it's pretty shocking.  18.  What were you like as a teenager?  Did mom every use sunscreen on you when she told you to go outside and play?  Were you a sun goddess or a tanning bed addict? If you answered yes to any of these, you have already caused a lot of damage to the skin.  

Exposure to the sun without protection or using a tanning bed will age you faster & make you more of a target for skin cancer.  If you are a redhead and pale naturally you just increased it by a lot!  There are 3 types of UV lights.

UVA is the longest rays and are the cause of aging.  UVA = Aging rays
UVB are the shortest and most intense, they cause burning.  UVB = Burning rays
UVC are the most deadly.  They are absorbed by our ozone (so let's save it!).  It would cause cancer.  UVC = cancer.

The bottom line?  Protect your skin.  It does not matter your race or your age.  Darker skin tones (African, Indian) actually age faster and have more damage due to the sun!  I see it all the time.  You should be wearing SPF 30.  Anything higher than 30 is really useless.  You should be reapplying your SPF (or sun protecting factor) every hour.  Yes I realize that SPF is inconvenient but then again so is cancer. And when you are going to be in the sun you should be wearing a hat.  

There is a reason those old southern ladies wear those hats....look how awesome their skin is!



  1. Breezy- can you recommend a good self tanner? Maybe one in each price bracket? And what's the problem prep before using self tanner?


    1. I will actually do a blog post on this tonight;. I'm heading out the door now...but I will break this all down for you in a bit! Thanks for asking!


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