Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Seven-Year List Review

Newspaper photographer Julia Sargent should be happy and fulfilled. But flattering minor celebrities is not her idea of a challenge, and she's also having doubts about her impending marriage to stunning-looking actor, David Tindall.

In the midst of her uncertainty comes an invitation to a school reunion. Seven years earlier, Julia and her friends wrote down their future goals. When the group meet up, adolescent passions are rekindled - as are bitter rivalries - and between old flames Nick and Steve. She cannot resist one last fling, but Steve will not let Julia go. Not until he has completed the final goal of his own seven-year list.

From time to time I like to review books that have been out a long time.  This is one of them.  For me, it is always fun to reread something I haven't touched in years.  And this one I recently picked back up, and I had to read it in book form!  Holy hell!  I haven't read a book book in 3

Seven Year List is about a young woman who is about to take the marriage plunge but isn't exactly happy about it.  She is missing something.  Julia is in desperate need of breaking out and being free.  She goes to a high school reunion that is hosted by the former school geek Steve.  Guess what?  Steve ain't a geek no more.  =)

Steve has become a millionaire and apparently quite attractive!  However Steve isn't the only man from her past that Julia runs into.  Nick, her former boyfriend, has also showed up in her life because he now works for his former rival Steve.  Of course both men want her and both men are willing to do ANYTHING to have her.

The games begin in the form of a bet.  Steve vs Nick with Julia as the prize.  As you might imagine the games are hot and include at least one group orgy scene that made my heart race and palms sweat!  This book was perhaps not the best thing I could have brought to work....just saying.

The book is well written and you get lost in it pretty easily.  It isn't very deep or thought provoking, but if you are looking for a really hot read, I recommend this one!  An oldie but goodie!

I give it 3.5 lipsticks!



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