Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Myths and Truths about waxing...

As an Esthetician (AKA Skin Care Therapist) I often hear clients say to me, "I don't want to be waxed.  It's painful and the hair grows back twice as thick".  The reality is, yes it is and can be painful (depending on your pain threshold) but it does NOT make the hair come back thicker.  Let me break it down for you.

The hair on your body grows in three different cycles.  The first is called anagen stage.  Or the first growth stage.  This stage can last a long time, sometimes years in fact.  That is when hair grows it thickest and longest.  If you have ever had a waxing procedure done and hair follicles bleed, it is in this stage.  It is also when you know the hair will NOT grow back in that follicle.  You have had the bulb pulled and it is never coming back.

The second stage is the catagen stage.  It is the transitional period between the first and third stages.  You hair tends to break off during this stage, the follicle becomes less open and starts to shrink and you start to see your hair isn't as thick or shiny or long.  THIS is the catagen stage.  If hair is removed during this stage it will come back.

The last stage is the telegen stage.  It is when your hair starts to come out on it's own.  Think of when you brush your hair and it comes out in the brush.  If hair is removed during this stage it will come back.  It is the end of the hair cycles life.  

Waxing removes the hair, but it also diminishes it from coming back.  It lightens and thins out hair reproduction.  Think of the older ladies you see with no eyebrows.  It is usually from tweezing or waxing them for so long.  That is why you have to be careful when you wax your brows.

Make sure you have a great Tech who knows what they are doing.  One bad wax, if done in the anagen stage, can ensure that hair doesn't grow back and you will need to draw in your brows!  I hear a lot of moms talk about getting their daughters waxed.  It is a GREAT idea actually.  If the Tech is able to get their hands on a teen (or a virgin wax as it is often referred as) the likelihood that the hair will grow back thick is pretty much abolished!  Now obviously this is a parent's decision to make.  But the wax will not hurt the child.  That being said, I always recommend that before you do a Brazilian you wait until you are at least 16!  Most states won't even let you do them before 18.

So stop with the myths about hair growth.  Know the truth.  Make decisions that are informed.  Hope this helps!



  1. When I was 16 my mom gifted me with a leg waxing - I was a swimmer and she thought it'd be easier to maintain then shaving all the time during the competition season. I definitely thought I noticed the hair growing back thinner, but it's nice to see the scientific explanation.

    16 year old me thought that it hurt quite a lot, but if I had known for sure I'd have less hair for life I probably would have kept up with it/done it sooner.


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