Monday, April 15, 2013

Rough Ride (Riding with Honor) Review

Widow Lilly Warner is running from her past, leaving a life of privilege and money behind. Life lessons have taught her not to trust her own judgment and running smack into a sexy blue collar bad boy like Bobby Jackson is just further proof. When her past catches up to her will the dark and intimidating playboy prove to be more than hard to handle?

Bobby Jackson is struggling to keep his motorcycle repair shop afloat with the help of a few friends. A notorious ruffian in his small Florida town he couldn't be further from high society. When out of his league Lilly Warner lands in his shop he finds himself not only outclassed but outmanned. Can he outlive his past indiscretions and hang on for the ride?

For the most part I really liked this book.  I liked how sweet Bobby is and how he isn't what you would picture a MC member to be.  He is gentle and kind and dedicated to his motorcycle repair shop.  This is so not what you expect from a "bad boy" as the description led me to believe.  He is a normal guy who makes the same stupid mistake a lot of men make.  He isn't what I would consider dangerous.  

Lilly has gone through so much in her past.  A story I think would rock if it were ever told, personally.  And now she is in Florida and trying to start over.  She is well written, probably the best character in the book in fact, but I just couldn't always connect with her.  She seems a bit all over the place emotionally and when she just ups and leaves without saying anything to anyone, I wanted to punch her.  Of course she has a great reason, but still.

I would recommend this book if you want something a lot more tame than you are currently reading.  The sex scenes are short and not terribly hot, but sometimes you just need a small fix.  This might be the book for you if that is the case.  I am going to read and review Slow Ride (the second int he series) because I am hoping it was just the first book that was this tame.  

I gave this a solid 3 lipsticks.  I stand by that. 


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