Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review of Destructively Alluring

Dorian Sorenson agreed to take on his longtime family friend’s daughter, Demitra, as an intern. Hell, Stephen Davis had been his father’s friend for years up to his father’s death and he had continued to be close to Dorian. Why not do him the favor? Except, from the moment he sees the girl, now nineteen and definitely ‘growing up’ he’s faced with a huge problem. Huge. The girl might be eleven years his junior but just looking at her shy sexiness has him trapped in an agonizing need that won’t even let him seek relief elsewhere. His body wants her and no one else. And it’s going to have her, whether Dorian likes it or not. 
After a torrid but brief kiss in his office, three months into Demitra’s internship, Dorian is left fighting feelings of extreme guilt. It’s very clear that they’re attracted to each other and that Demitra needs him as badly as he needs her but she’s still a young girl working for him. A young girl who happens to be his friend’s daughter. Dorian is determined to fight this need for her, whatever the cost. What he doesn’t count on is one night, one benefit, and Demitra looking unbelievably tempting on the arm of another man. The bets are off when possessiveness strikes hard within Dorian and only a higher power can help them both because now he plans to claim her. Thoroughly.

The story of Dorian and Demitra “Demi” is one that I was not expecting.  The first thing you need to know about this book, is that it is a very very quick read.  I got through it in about an 2 hours.  And that time actually included me being distracted by life.  The second thing you should know is that it is told through the male point of view.  Which I found so very interesting.
Dorian is a man who has inherited a business from his late father and now he has a intern that is his father’s best friend’s daughter.  Basically this sets up for awkward situations and an intense relationship.  Such as it is.  Demi is very shy in an incredibly relatable way.  She is what you would imagine a 19 year old girl to be who is attracted to an older man who is a family friend.  Her feelings seem genuine and real.  Something I enjoyed because I remember having those feelings as a young woman coming into my own.
With this being written from the male point of view, we get to see a really nice working of Dorian’s thought process.  How he struggles with his desire for Demi and what he feels is right.  It is something that I hadn’t seen in a book.  That conflict, that even though this was a short read, made it feel like it was a really deep story.  I appreciated it on so many different levels.
The sex scenes are intense and passionate and feel real.  So much so that I had to take a break just to catch my breath!  A definite plus in my book!  The only downside is, I was left feeling like there was so much more to know about these two characters.  The book has a sequel but it revolves around other characters from this novel.  I will be reading that one soon.  And posting it’s review on here as well.  Definitely worth reading.

Great quick read!  5 lipsticks!  Totally hot hot hot!

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