Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Phoenix Rockstar Review

This book is Erotica. It is crazy, beautiful, drama filled and in parts morally incorrect. IT DOES HAVE A CLIFFHANGER ENDING, but I assure you the series will end in HEA. It does contain bikers and rockstars, so therefore a different lifestyle, so please if this isn't your thing, don’t purchase it. You have been warned - ENJOY!!

Violet has been raised in a world with bikers, rough men and separated parents. The only savior in her world, was her love for Travis, her best friend. They grew up together, creating a hopeless friendship against all odds. Then he left, with no goodbye, no explanation.

Travis went on and became a successful rockstar, Violet moved on and thought she was finally over it. Then Travis returns and tugs on her heart strings all over again. She finds it hard to say no, she is different now…she isn't the girl he once adored; dark things have happened to her. What if she isn't what he believes he wants so badly?

Come on Travis and Violet’s journey of love, heartache and all the things in between.

First of all this is the first novel I have read by Bec Botefuhr.  And to be honest it wasn't what I was expecting.  This is both good and bad.  Let me explain.
First you need to know that Violet is a bit of a pampered biker princess.  She has a mother and father who are way too involved in her life.  At 21 she is still explaining where she is going, who she is seeing, and still living at home with mom.  She stays with her dad on weekends and generally acts like a spoiled brat.  She throws tantrums, rebels constantly, and somehow seems like a teenager and not a grown adult.  Even when she begs her father to treat her like an adult, it comes off childish.
Travis is a rock star   He is possessive, needy, and intense.  ALL OF THE TIME.  That being said, he is also charming and sweet.  But like all the men in Violet’s life, he is hiding something important.  The weirdest part about reading this book for me, was that I connected to Travis more than I did Violet.
There are secrets all over this book.  No one seems to know how to tell the truth, and everyone is sorry once they are found out.  There really are tons of things to get to in this story.  Which probably explains why Botefuhr’s writing seems so rushed.  I felt like I was suffering whiplash in some sections of the book.  She went from 3 different locations and situations in a page and a half.  
All that being said, she left the story in such a way that I HAVE to know what happened.  I loved that ending.  I loved that it wasn't a HEA.  I loved the angst throughout the book.  I didn't love being rushed.  I wanted to feel a connection to Violet and I didn't   
I would recommend the book based on the ending itself.  But you have to be patient, because there isn't a whole lot of depth to our main characters.  Hopefully when I read the second book I will find out more.

I can only give this a 3.5.  I need a great second book!!!!


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