Sunday, April 28, 2013

Knight's Mistress Review

Katherine Hart is thrilled to be recruited by Knight Enterprises, the most prestigious venture-capital company in the world. That is, until she makes the acquaintance of the company's infamous CEO, Dominic Knight. At thirty-two, Dominic is a self-made billionaire with a fearsome ambition and a temper to match. He is also impossibly attractive and dangerously charming when he wants to be. To Kate, Dominic seems like the perfect predator, and she resolves to be cautious despite the obvious chemistry between them, telling herself she can always leave if Dominic grows too demanding. What she doesn't know is that the decision isn't hers to make... Dominic Knight has found a new plaything, and Mr. Knight always gets what he wants.

Where to start.  It's 50 Shades of Grey all over again.   It is a great story, but much the same as we have seen before.  Millionaire falls in love with a young pretty employee.  Millionaire has some kinks in his past, and they pop up to haunt him.  Millionaire falls in love with the pretty young employee.  Millionaire is too afraid to move forward with pretty young employee and it temporarily ends.  Very paint by numbers.

There were a few things that set this apart.  One Dominic Knight is capable of love.  He was married to someone and loved her deeply until she died.  So we know our millionaire is capable of human emotions.  Dominic also makes a point of making Kate feel secure and cherished.  For a while at least.

Kate is pretty much as you might expect her to be.  Young, independent, and a bit stubborn.  She pushes back against Dominic at every chance.  And although their sex life is outstanding (it really really is), there is always something just a bit off between them.

There is a second installment to this novel, and I would expect it to turn into a trilogy before all is said and done.  I will give the second book a shot, but if it turns out to be more or less the same, I won't finish the story.  After all, I have read it before.

I give this 3 lipsticks.  The sex is ridiculously hot.  The story is redundant.


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