Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Games Girls Play Review

In the "man's world" of pro sports, PR wiz Tara Marcus ensures top athletes win off the field as well as on. But she and her colleagues are finding out that these hard bodies are ready to score anytime, anywhere...

Tara makes it her business to work with women who know theirs, namely longtime friends Kristen Travis and Sonya Carson. As for pleasure, getting involved with clients is against the rules. So why is Tara letting a soccer star kick her libido into high gear...?

Sex is a game Kristen plays very well. Still, when confronted with two scorching basketball players who are even hotter for her, she wonders if she can handle both. No need to worry: these boys are used to sharing the court...

Sonya's about ready to call a permanent time-out on her lover, a gridiron giant who takes her place in his bed for granted. Time to break out the handcuffs and teach him a little lesson in giving it up for love...

"Lee hits the mark again and again...in a class by itself."—Romantic Times (4 ½-star Gold Medal, Top Pick) on Undressing Mercy

"An incredible gem of a story...different and extraordinary."—Just Erotic Romance Reviews on Get Naked for Me


This book is just a super fun read!  No joke.  It's three short novellas that are linked together from three different friends' lives.  Tara, Kristen & Sonya are three friends who work with really hot athletes, and well they have fun with them too, as PR Reps.  Kris' story is my favorite in the group.  I will warn you though, this is not a good girl book. It is dirty and super hot.

The women are as dominant as the men (and in Sonia's case more so).  So be prepared for women who do not bullshit but take charge.  I love how the girls know who they are and what they want.  The hot athletes just make it that much more fun to read, because we as women, associate pro athletes as dominant men.  It was nice to see the tables turned.

The girls find themselves in very unusual situations.  There is some BDSM, MM, group sex and some just kinky fun stuff that happens between two people.  Because of how it is written, the stories flow super well.  But they are three different stories.  The girls' friendship is completely believable, and the sex scenes are out of this world!

I absolutely recommend this novel!

I give it 4.5 lipsticks!!!!


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