Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dry Skin vs Dehydrated Skin

As an Estee I can't tell you how many times I have had a client on my table and had her explain to me that she has dry skin.  In order to have dry skin you must not have or have very little oil production.  See dry skin is a skin type.  There are a few of those.  Dry is little to no oil production with small pores.  Oily is oil production over most of the face (at least 75%) & larger pores.  Combination is oily in the t-zone with larger pores in that area, and smaller pores with no oil leading out to the hair line.  Normal has larger pores on the cheek area with a little oil production and smaller pores with no oil production in the t-zone.  

Now for skin conditions, which dehydration falls into.  Dehydration is a lack of water in the skin.  There is also acneic skin, which is severe breakout (ladies if you have a few blemishes it is NOT acneic skin).  Sensitive (which is also considered in some areas a type), which means most things upset the balance in your skin.  Rosacea, which is red inflammatory skin and is hereditary.  Couperose, or broken capillaries in the skin which you will sometimes see referred to as talangiectasia.  That can only be treated with laser therapy.  Just to name a few.

So let's talk about dry skin (type) vs dehydration (condition).  You can have dehydrated skin with any skin type.  I am a perfect example.  I am an oily skin type, yet I am always dehydrated!  Dehydration is a lack of water in the skin and this is caused by so many different factors.  It can be as simple as you don't drink enough water.  But it can also be attributed to caffeine, medications, sun exposure, wind exposure, diet, exercise, exfoliation, and even your favorite beauty products.

Let's break some of these down.  Drinking water is a huge part of your diet.  As human beings we are made up of 70% water!  So if we aren't getting our water intake (usually 8 glasses a day) we of course become dehydrated.  Caffeine drinkers listen up!  For every glass you drink of that favorite pop of yours, you need to balance it out with 3 glasses of water.  Hence why I am always dehydrated!  Medications can zap your water intake, so can the sun & wind.  If you don't exfoliate your skin cannot breathe properly and you can't get you moisturizer into your skin.  And speaking of that moisturizer, does it contain alcohol in it?  Because that will kill your face.  A lot of over the counter moisturizers put alcohol in it to make it cheaper...and it shows.  Fat free diets also kill your water intake.  So make sure you are eating the fruits and veggies because they hold a ton of water, and nutrients you need for you body!

Always let your Estee tell you what your skin type is.  We have been trained to do it,and we have the tools to do it.  It's why we are here!

Here are a few skin care lines I highly recommend to my clients!

Hope these help!


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