Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cover Reveal for The Billionaire's Temptress by Vivien Sparx!

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"Vivien Sparx shows great potential as a wonderful writer, I hope she continues to titillate and tantalise readers!" 
- Belladonna's Book Corner .
Set in London over one long weekend, 'The Billionaire's Temptress' features a delightful heroine and her struggle to allure, arouse and attract the passions of a dark, sexy billionaire. But everything is not quite as it seems as Holly sets about seducing Nikolai.
Once Nikolai's passions are aroused, Holly soon learns that unleashing Nikolai's desires may be more than she can handle as the erotic action quickly begins to sizzle.
A story of over 22,000 words for lovers of great romance!
(and wonderful surprise endings!)

In the centre of the room was a second plinth, and beyond, waited an open door. Holly couldn't see what lay in the room beyond because there was no lighting; only the pale ghostly glow of the blue-black night sky through open curtains.
She stepped up to the second plinth. On the shelf was another card and beside it a red collar. Holly read the card, and now her hands were trembling.

Put the collar on and step through the doorway... into another world.

Holly slowly reached for the collar. She held it up to the light. It was made of red leather, and was about one inch wide. The leather felt much softer than she had expected. At one end of the collar was a buckle, and fastened to a swivel stud near the buckle was a thick ring.
As if she were in a daze, her hands seeming to move with a will of their own, Holly slowly raised the collar and buckled it loosely around her neck. She moved the collar around until the heavy ring lay centred at the base of her throat.
She was a little surprised at the weight of the collar. She pulled her hair free so that it hung naturally again, and then she took three steps towards the open doorway.

Praise for Vivien Sparx stories:
"I have read every one of Vivien Sparx's stories and loved them all. Every story is different but through them all comes the same wonderful writing and evocative images."
- Izabel Sulling
"Her Master's Kiss is the perfect erotic romance. When you don't know what to read after 50 Shades and Bared to You by Sylvia Day, then this story is the answer."
- T.G. Magher
"The twist at the end of 'The Billionaire's Temptress turned a wonderful story into something absolutely amazing. I have never read a story more rewarding."
- G Sharpe
"Sylvia Day and E L James cornered the market on erotic romance. Now Vivien Sparx adds her name to the list of exciting new erotica writers. Like 50 Shades of Grey and Bared to You, this story features a dark and sexy master."
- Cal Collins
"After reading 'Her Master's Voice' by Vivien Sparx I  quickly sought and bought all her other available titles. More than just great stories, what I really love about Vivien Sparx's writing is the wonderful flowing style she uses to create her characters and her scenes."
- Teagan Summer


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