Sunday, April 14, 2013

Control Freak (Review)

An erotic horror novel. A grisly murder in New York City's downtown meat packing district leads hardboiled crime writer Caitlin McCullough into the depths of a secret sadomasochistic underground. A perverse playground for the rich and twisted where anything goes and nothing is taboo. Here, Caitlin must risk everything to find not only the truth surrounding the murder, but the dark truth hidden inside herself.

So here is the catch about this novel, if you are not into BDSM or a seedy dark novel, you will not be able to enjoy this.  It is dark, it is cruel at times and it is very very well written.

Caitlin McCullough is a hard ass writer.  She is very in your face and feels the need to get to the absolute bottom of a story.  It was what really drove me about reading this novel.  She is not a heroine in need of being saved and worshiped.  She is  a woman who is strong willed and resilient.  But even Caitlin gets put to the test.  She digs a little bit deeper than she normally does and finds a world unlike anything she knows.

Absinthe is a dark, powerful and alluring man.  A man who in his world, makes others feel special when he acknowledges them.  He is a true Dominant and a true leader.  His club and his society are so intertwined that we don't know if there is any other life that Absinthe knows.  But as I read this book I realized two things, things I think Caitlin realized about herself as well, dangerous is sexy & nothing is as it seems.

The novel is set to the backdrop of a young girl getting murdered and trying to figure out the who and why behind it.  Ms. Faust gives us a story so deep in head games and power plays that you have to just go along for the ride and see how it all comes to be.  The novel is worth reading but only if you don't have a weak stomach.  This isn't for the faint of heart.  

It's amazing what it taught me about myself.  And scary.

I give this 4 lipsticks.


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