Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blind Obsession Review

Obsession, defined as the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire....

Chantel Rosenberg's passion for music and life had never shone brighter than the time she spent in Bordeaux France. It's a time when feelings arose and desires ran deep, a time that fundamentally changed her life.

A man living in seclusion, Phillipe Tibideau is haunted and plagued by memories he cannot disregard. Choosing to live a quiet life in his Chateau surrounded by the vineyards of France, he's left his passion for art behind. 

However, the time has arrived to tell his side of a tale. A tale that has depicted him as a 'beautiful monster' and he's finally allowing someone close.

Close enough to ask questions. Questions he's not sure he wants to answer. Questions about her.

For up and coming journalist Gemma Harris, the pursuit of truth is what drives her and when a job of a lifetime presents itself there is nothing in the world that will stop her from taking it. Even if it does mean leaving her home for several months to stay at Chateau Tibideau, with him.

This is a story of what happens when three passionate lovers collide and the desire for truth, art and music merge.

Chateau Tibideau is a place full of unanswered questions, dark sinful desire and a beauty so hauntingly sad it will have you wondering how you will ever leave the same....


That is how I felt after reading this.  I felt this story from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  Gemma, Chantel, & Phillipe have this beautiful, terrifying and equally intense sexual possessiveness of each other.  It's beautiful and devastating all at once.

I will start with Phillipe as he is the main character in my eyes.  Phillipe is an eccentric, passionate, and sexually powerful artist.  A painter who sees the world through the strokes he makes on a canvas.  Never realizing that although it's a beautiful way to see the world, it isn't necessarily the way everyone else sees it.  He is fighting with the haunted memory of a love lost, and the fear of a love he could gain.  I understand his pain, because quite frankly, the way it is written makes it easy to feel.  I cried for this man who lost his love and his reputation.  I loved this man as passionately as either of the women in this story.  I feared this man, because of the unknown.  I cherish this man, because he is the kind of man who is legitimately misunderstood and has no way to tell his side of the story without someone else's words.

The words come from Gemma.  Beautiful, naive, sensitive, and talented Gemma.  She wants the story of her career.  The haunting love affair between a quiet woman and an amazing painter that ended in horrible tragedy.  The story that could change where her career is headed.  A story that ultimately changes her.  The love she bears for a man who no longer has his heart to give her.  A fear of the unknown because of half truths and misinformation.  The passion for a woman who has captured her attention and heart in a journal that tells the whole story.  A story that turns everything upside down for Gemma.  Gemma has her words to express herself, but she will need another way to reach Phillipe.  She has to borrow the music that Phillipe lives and loves for.

The music that only Chantel could make.  Chantel is Phillipe's muse.  His heart, soul, passion, & body belong to her.  Chantel is Phillipe's whole world.  He has painted her, claimed her, possessed her, & now is haunted by her.  Chantel is patient and kind.  Beautiful and bold.  Plays her Diva (her violin) with such grace and love that the music that comes from it is heaven.  Chantel is the woman, alive or dead, that Gemma can never be or ever possess.

The story I read was intense and beautiful.  It touched a part of me that I didn't realize I had in me.  A part of me that still may believe in love.  Even if it has to end.  Even if it is painful and cruel.  Even if at the end of it, you feel like you lost yourself.  I love that I took that from this novel.  I love that there is a part of me that, no matter how angry I got at Phillipe for not talking, in the end I loved him just the same.

Gemma and I share the same ability to use words to express ourselves.  I could relate to how she was intensely trying to understand and still frustrated because the art that she needed to communicate with was music.  Phillipe paints to express, Chantel uses her music, and Gemma writes.  They really have to rely on one another to paint the picture so to speak in order to get across the whole story.  And it is beautiful.

I also really really loved that Ella Frank made this novel interactive.  At different points in the novel there are links that connect you to the pieces that Chantel is playing.  So you can listen to the music and feel it as if you are right there with Gemma & Phillipe.  It completely enamors you.  It makes the story come to life.  Makes you feel the love, heartbreak, & yes even the loss.

I would give this story 5 lipsticks....it is the most beautiful & tragic thing I have ever read.

I want to leave you with a picture of Diva & my favorite quote in the novel.

Chantel's journal entry...

His breath brushing by my ear, he told me, "Trust me.  He is going to tattoo me, not you."
I thought about thought about that for a moment, and before I knew what I was saying, I told him softly, "I want one."  Phillipe laughed.  He thought I was joking, but I wasn't.
"I'm not kidding.  I want one."
"I didn't bring you here to mark you.  I want your mark on me."
Rising up on my tiptoes, I kissed his mouth.  "You're already on my heart, and you're already in my soul.  Now, I want you on my body."
His lips curved against mine.  "Do you even know what you want?"
Surprisingly, I did.  It was amazingly obvious.
So, I told him simply, "F-holes."

-Blind Obsession



  1. You nailed it! This book haunts me still to this day.

  2. You nailed it! This book haunts me still to this day.