Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Act Of Love (A Black Lace Series Novel)

In order to be accepted into drama school, Gina Stanhope has to be in a successful theatrical production. During a two-week-long residential rehearsal, held in a country house in Devon during a heat wave, she realises the charismatic director is in fact a kinky control freak. Charles Sarazan is determined to make Gina’s life difficult, not least by casting her arch rival Persis as the female lead. Just when it seems that fate is working against her, Gina uncovers a few secrets about Sarazan’s shady financial undertaking and his plans to sabotage the production. Gina has some plans of her own, however, and in a highly charged atmosphere of sexual tensions, there are other personnel who are only too happy to help Gina slake her lust and foil Sarazan’s selfish intensions.

I first read this novel back in 1995 or 96 when it first came out and I loved it!  I recently found it again and was able to see if that love stood the test of time.  It turns out, it really did.  I have to be honest in saying that I have loved the black lace series, which are novels written in Europe for women by women, since I was a teen.  And although many women grow out of certain types of novels as they age, I seem not to.
Gina is a character you instantly like.  This book starts out with her teasing a man working on her house, by masturbating while he watches through the window.  This was easily the best way to hook me right from the start.  You also find out within a few pages that she is also sleeping with a neighbor who is in University at night when he sneaks into her bedroom.  The most recent time, with a University friend.  Good times.
Gina has to earn money and keep her feet in acting so she takes a part that you find out later is not everything it is supposed to be.  Charles is the big bad in this book and quite frankly, there isn't one single thing to like about the guy.  He is as shady as they come.  But along the way Gina has many sexual adventures and even gets to be a voyeur, which is a HUGE turn on to me.
There is every kind of sex in this book.  Vanilla, BDSM, M/M, Orgies. You name it, it’s here!  I LOVE THIS BOOK!  And the last scene is fucking fantastic!  This is a absolute recommendation!

This is worthy of 4.5 lipsticks!

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